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Keeping BandAMP Alive

April 8th, 2017 + 3:04 AM  ·  blueprint35

Hello everyone,

I wanted to write a post introducing myself as well as to provide some background as to what has been going on behind the scenes at BandAMP and the renewed efforts to keep this site alive.

I first joined BandAMP in late 2015 when my friend and colleague, Mud asked if I could help him relocate a few websites to cloud servers to cut down on hosting fees. As someone with a server administration background, I happily obliged and began the process of transferring the data from some rather expensive dedicated servers to their new home in the cloud. When I first undertook the task of migrating the site I didn't appreciate the level of care and customization that went into making BandAMP and unfortunately some features broke during the transfer. For that, I apologize.

After the initial migration, I moved on to other projects and BandAMP continued to putter along for another year or so until Mud asked me again if I could take a look at some issues that were being reported in the forums. This time around I took extra care to read through each of the posts to understand what problems were happening and what could be done to fix them. As I spent the day reading through thread after thread and listening to all of the former music that was uploaded by the community I began to realize just how special of a place this site is for users and how much care and consideration goes into sharing music and interacting with the community. I knew it wouldn't be right to give a half-assed effort this time around, so I buckled down and began to get to work restoring the lost functionality of the site.

After digesting the code for a while and reading through the endless log files, I was able to earn some wins and fix several bugs that were being reported. Seeing the site slowly start to come back to life and receiving feedback from the community has really made the effort worth it. I want to continue to be here for the community and help rebuild this site to what it used to be. I'm fortunate enough to be in a position where I get to work with several close friends, including Mud, building software that's meaningful and that people enjoy. We're currently brainstorming the next steps to renew and revive BandAMP even further and we'll keep the community posted on our progress.

In the meantime I want to let everyone know that BandAMP is alive and here to stay so we want the community to continue sharing music and providing feedback to fellow musicians. Please feel free to post in the Tech Support forum or send me a PM directly if you notice any bugs that should be fixed or have any questions in general. I hope you all continue to share your creations and keep making music.


BandAMP outage explained. Users can login again!

July 25th, 2017 + 4:07 PM  ·  blueprint35

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post a message regarding the outage that has happened on BandAMP the past week.

The first outage was caused by Digital Ocean turning off access to our server because they received a DMCA notice against us. It turns out the DMCA notice was sent by an automated bot and the song in question actually wasn't copyrighted. After explaining this to DO, they restored the network outage.

The second outage where users were unable to login was a side effect of the first outage. The server was rebooted and the sessions directory didn't get recreated so users weren't able to login. I resolved this issue and the login form is working again.

So the site should be working again for everyone and please let me know what other issues come up!


Battle test song

April 8th, 2017 + 2:04 AM  ·  blueprint35

Disclaimer: I did not make this song. This is an old file that was pulled for testing. I'm trying to get the battles working. Thanks everyone!

Quote test thread

April 5th, 2017 + 11:04 PM  ·  blueprint35

This is a test thread to ensure quotes, apostrophes, and other special characters are working.

A Few Bug Fixes...

April 5th, 2017 + 9:04 PM  ·  blueprint35

Hi Everyone!

As most of you may know there have been a few problems with BandAMP recently and I'd like to provide an update for everyone.

1. New Site Admins
I work closely with Mud and he's asked me to keep track and fix any issues that come up with BandAMP. I'll be checking the Tech Support forum regularly so please continue to post any issues you have with the site there and I'll take a look.

2. MP3 files not uploading.
I've resolved the issue with MP3 files not uploading. The server had run out of disk space so I attached a new storage volume to accommodate future uploads. We'll soon be moving to an elastic storage volume so that this problem won't happen again.

3. Chat is working again
I've corrected the issue with messages not displaying in the chat box so feel free to jump into the room and chat with your fellow BandAMP members.

4. Email notifications and settings are working again
There was a problem with emails being caught as spam as well as your notification settings not being saved. This issue has been resolved now so you should only receive emails to posts if you have your message options configured in your profile.

5. MP3s disappearing
I was made aware that some old MP3 files on threads are missing. I'm still investigating this issue and will be looking through the backups to see if they can be located. We currently have about 5,670 mp3 tracks that have been uploaded and I'm going to cross-check that with the forum database.

6. Private messages not sending has been fixed
There was a bug that would cause any private messages with special characters to be lost. This has been resolved.

We're going to be giving BandAMP more attention now and we want everyone to continue to enjoy using the site. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
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